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Can More Fats & Oils Keep You Healthier?

Posted by Jessica Nazarali on

Not all fats are created equally. Some can cause disease, and some can prevent disease.

Omega Oils are the ‘good’ fats formed by fatty chains that are unaltered by man’s intervention. 

They are the polar opposite to trans-fats or saturated fats in that the body needs them desperately to carry out some really important functions. Also known as essential fatty acids, or EFAs, they are one of the most important substances our body needs to burn fat, metabolize food, and keep the brain working well. 

There are primarily two essential fatty acids, alpha-lineolic acid (Omega 3), and lineolic-acid (Omega 6). They used to be called Vitamin F, but were later renamed as EFAs.

So why are Omega oils so important to us? Omega 3s, especially, are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can cause everything from heart disease, sudden cardiac arrest, strokes, diabetes and even cancer. 

When we consume alpha-lineolic acid, such as Omega 3s in the forms of flax seeds, flax seed oil, or chia seeds, it helps to support the production of DHA, a chemical compound that helps our brains develop as we mature from childhood, but also helps prevent attention deficit disorder and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils are absolutely necessary to fighting disease. Part of the reason the Japanese population is so healthy is due to a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 consumption, or 1:1, that allows them to stay more vital on average than other societies, even with a high level of cigarette smoking. Omegas are like a magic bullet for heart, brain and cellular health.

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