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Stress, Anxiety & Sleep

Posted by Jessica Nazarali on

Are you losing sleep? Stress levels can do a number on your sleeping patterns, which is due to the hormones that are secreted into your bloodstream when you are constantly undergoing low-levels of daily stress. Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline as well as gluccorticoids, catchelomaines, growth hormones and prolactin. 

When this happens, your overall body chemistry becomes altered. The hypothalamus, an important brain center, is responsible for modulating our stress response, but when we are constantly ‘stressed out’ or anxious, the brain cannot regulate hormones properly and we end up in a negative feedback loop where the more we stress, the more we stress

One of the ways this continuous cycle repeats itself is through sleep deprivation – induced by, you guessed it, stress!

Insomnia associated with stress can mean you have... 

  • difficulty getting to sleep
  • difficulty staying asleep
  • feeling exhausted even after you sleep
  • having a difficult time concentrating throughout the day
  • relying on sleeping pills or other pharmaceuticals to induce sleep. 

Aside from finding ways to reduce stress so that you can sleep better, like meditation, spending time in nature and making sure your sleeping environment is quiet and soothing, you can support an anti-stress response and get better sleep with many natural supplements. Valerian root, Kava Kava, Passion Flower, Lavender and others are just a few of the great remedies Mother Nature has offered for stress relief.

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